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Keeping in Touch with Clewie: His Message to Healthcare Workers

By Adrian Clewlow, 05/27/20, 11:15AM EDT


Clewie thanks his wife and the rest of the superheroes in healthcare

Photo Courtesy of Adrian Clewlow

Photo Courtesy of Adrian Clewlow

For the past several weeks, we have been at war, and those on the front lines are not soldiers. 
For most, the battle has been waged in comfortable isolation, exposed to the Coronavirus only through news reports, blogs, opinions, and social media machines. For some, it has been in providing services deemed necessary and essential. For a special few, the vantage point has been from the trenches, on the front lines, and face to face with the virus. 
My wife has been working in the highly infectious disease unit at her hospital since social distancing and isolation practices were first announced. Society has deemed her to be, and all healthcare workers around the globe, a “superhero”. Fittingly enough, Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman) had a secret identity as a nurse, but unlike their DC Comic counterpart, they have no superhero gadgets to help in their plight. If Covid-19 was a tank, today’s healthcare superheroes have been asked to do battle with it using only a spoon, but still they forge on. The risks that they face in providing the best care for others are high. Their dedication and commitment during this time has saved countless lives, but let’s be careful not to inflate healthcare worker to healthcare superhero just because of the current pandemic. They save countless lives every minute, every day, every year. They have always been superheroes. A pandemic has merely reinforced their powers. 
To my wife, and all healthcare superheroes, thank you.
- Clewie