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Travel uniforms are now supplied directly through We are switching to an all new kit this year and all players must purchase the new kit. It will be used for the Fall 2015 season through the Spring of 2017 season.  It is best that you set up you own account so that you may earn goal club points towards future purchases. 

To go to our store click on the link below.  You can search for your child by their last name in the search box and pull up their direct uniform access page.



The required travel kit for the Fall of 2015 through the Spring of 2017 constists of the following.

U9-U18 Classic and Elite

1 Red Tiro 15  Jersey, 1 White Tiro 15 Jersey, 2 pair of red Tastigo 15 shorts, 1 pair of white Copa Zone Cusion II adidas socks, 1 pair of red Copa Zone Cushion II adidas socks, 1 red Tiro 15training jacket, 1 pair of black Tiro 15 training pants, 1 red adidas Stadium Team backpack and (2 gray training t shirts which are purchased when you accept the position online and pay.)  Please put a "0" as the quantity for the type of shorts you don't need.  IE; If you need men's shorts put the "0" in the quantity column for the womens shorts.

The rain jacket and red compression shirt are optional / recommended items.  They are not required. Goalkeepers if only playing in goal should put a "0" as the quantity for the red and white jersey's and order the goalkeeper jersey listed under recommended items.





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