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Updated 05/11

A.  The competition is open to all accepted teams (U8 through U19 Coed and Girls), based on rosters for the soccer  year 2011-2012 with these age divisions:

U8 8/1/03-7/31/05
U9-U10 8/1/01-7/31/03
U11-U12 8/1/99-7/31/01
U13-U14 8/1/97-7/31/99
U15-U16 8/1/95-7/31/97
U19 8/1/92-7/31/95

B.  Each team must be in good standing with their state association and be registered with a league affiliated with the US Youth Soccer or its national equivalent.   Teams that are members of organizations of the USSF but not members of US Youth Soccer (such as AYSO, SAY, US Club Soccer or Super Y Leagues) DO NOT have to have a US Youth Soccer Application to Travel form (although that team’s organization may require that the team have permission.)  An approved team roster including dates of birth MUST be provided to tournament officials along with current player passes from its organization.  Roster and pass information MUST match.  Listed below are the types of teams that will be accepted to the Mega Blast:

      1.  Recreational Team with Guest Players – a team that participates in a recreational, house or intramural program for a club, league or association plus. . .no more than 5 guest players can be added to any core roster.  Teams with guests will not be put in a different bracket of play just because guest players are added.  Each team can add up to 5 guests without going over the maximum roster limit.
     2. Recreational Team – a team that participates in a recreational, house or intramural program for a club, league or association with no guest players. 


While we have Coed or Girls teams designated, you do not have to have Girls on a Coed team to be designated a COED team.

All Star/Advanced/Challenge teams are NOT eligible to participate.  All Star teams are identified as those teams that would combine players from more than 1 team AND have more than 5 guest players rostered on their team.  Team eligibility will be verified with each team registrar by the tournament committee. 

C.  Each team is allowed a maximum of 18 players (maximum of 14 for U8 through U10), including up to 5 guest players for all age groups.  Guest players must also have appropriate player signed passes.  Player passes must be signed in ink or stamped by the league registrar.  NO TRAVEL teams/players are allowed and no All Star/Challenge or Advanced Teams are allowed to participate!!!

D. Official approved rosters signed or stamped by the appropriate registrar, current (2011-2012) recreational passes, medical liability forms, and permission to travel forms (out of state teams) must be presented at registration and be available at the field of play at all times.  All tournament rosters and player passes must contain the player date of birth.  This is a requirement and there are no exceptions.  The tournament roster and the recreational player pass cards must match date of birth information.

E.  Irregularities in player eligibility or misinformation in tournament documents may cause dismissal of players or entire teams from the tournament.

F.   No player may play for more than one team during the tournament.

G.  Teams must check in with the field site coordinator 20 minutes prior to the start of each game.


A.  All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA laws of the game, except as specifically superseded by these rules.

B.  U8 teams will play 4 v 4-with NO goalkeepers; U9 and U10 teams will play 6 v 6; U11 and U12 teams will play 8 v 8; U13 and above teams will play 11 v 11. 

C.  Length of game and ball size:

Age Group Length of Game Ball Size
U8 40 minutes 3
U9-U10 50 minutes 4
U11-U12 60 minutes 4
U13-U14 70 minutes 5
U15-U19 70 minutes 5

U8’s and U10’s Play NO Offsides.  There will be NO Penalty Kicks at U8 but there will be at U10 and above.  There are NO goalkeepers at U8 and therefore no one player will be allowed to play back in the goalkeeper position.  All players at U8 should be moving on the field at all times.  There will be goalkeepers at all age groups U10 and older.  For U10 and below there will be substitutions allowed for both teams on a Throw-In regardless of possession.

D.  Interval between halves shall be 5 minutes.  The referee is the official timekeeper of the match.

E.  There will be no time allowance for substitutions and injuries or other compensating time.  The referee will start the clock at the beginning of each half and run it continuously until the conclusion of that half.  The only time the referee will stop his clock for an injury is if the game has to be stopped because a player on the field may not be moved while the rescue squad is summoned.


A.  All players on a team MUST wear similar uniforms with each jersey being numbered distinctly with no number being repeated.  Numbers should be large enough and visible by all players from a distance.  (Temporary numbering-duct tape-will be allowed in the event of duplicates and must be easily recognizable to the referee.) All U16 and U19 rosters MUST include Player Numbers with their official roster at checkin and on all roster copies and no numbers may be duplicated.  All age groups - Coaches must insure that duplicate numbers are resolved prior to start of game time or the player cannot participate until it is resolved.  All decisions of the Referee are FINAL.  If a player does not have a # or there is a duplicate #, it must be corrected prior to the player being allowed to participate in any match.  However, if it is noticed that there are discrepancies after a game has started, the referee will make the decision as to how the match will proceed with or without a player and/or how the situation would be corrected if that is needed.

B.  Shoes must meet FIFA specifications.

C.  NO necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or rings of any kind will be allowed.

D.  For players wearing glasses, safety straps are required.  Wire rim glasses are prohibited, no exceptions!

E.  Hard casts are not permitted.  Semi-hard casts are permitted, provided such casts are covered with foam or other padding material, are approved by the Referee of the match, and a Doctor’s note allowing the player to play is at the tournament site and available for Referee and/or Site Coordinator  review at all times. 

F.  Shin guards must be worn at all times.

G.  Socks must cover the shin guard completely and jerseys must be tucked into shorts.

H.  If a uniform conflict occurs, the home team (team listed first on the schedule) must change jerseys, unless visiting team offers to do so.


A.  Unlimited substitutions by either team may be made, with the permission of the referee, at the following times:  after a goal has been scored, prior to a goal kick, at the beginning of the second half, or prior to the start of an overtime period.

B.  Limited substitutions may be made, with the permission of the referee, prior to a throw-in by the team in possession, following a stoppage of play for an injury (for the injured players (s) only with the opponent allowed to substitute an equal number of players), and to replace a cautioned player.


A.  Any player dismissed/sent off (red carded by the referee) must sit out the remainder of that match plus his team’s next tournament match.  No substitution may be made for the player sent off during the match in which the red card was issued.

B.  A coach who should receive a warning or the equivalent to a red card will be asked to leave the field and will not be allowed in the vicinity of the field even as a parent observer for his team’s remaining matches.

C.  Two yellow cards issued to the same player or two warnings (equivalent to 2 yellow cards) issued to a coach in the same match equals a red card and is subject to the same penalties as outlined above from that point.

D. Coaches are responsible for their players, parents and guests on the sideline.  No team or club official may enter the field of play regardless of the circumstances unless the person has been given permission to enter the field of play by the referee.

E.  A report will be sent to the state association and league/club of teams whose players or coaches receive yellow/red cards or where other serious matters involving the conduct of a team are concerned.

F.  Any case of referee assault will be reported immediately to the Virginia Youth Soccer Association in accordance with USSF Rule 1108.


A. Divisions with 3 teams.  Four matches will be guaranteed with each team playing the other teams in the bracket once each day.  Winners will be determined by the point system outlined below.

B. Divisions with 4 teams.  Three matches will be guaranteed, with the top 2 teams advancing to a Championship Match.

C. Divisions with 5 teams.  Four matches will be guaranteed in a round robin format, with the Champion and Finalist being determined by the point system outlined below.

D. Divisions with 6 teams.  Three matches will be guaranteed, with teams being divided into two pools.  Each team shall play 2 games on Saturday and 1 game on Sunday.  Each team shall play 2 games on Saturday and 1 game on Sunday.  Semi Final A:  1st A plays 2nd B and Semi Final B:  1st B plays 2nd A.  3rd place pool winners play each other.  Winners of Semi’s advance to a Championship Match.  Each team will play all the teams in the same pool.  The two teams with the highest accumulated points in any pool will advance to the Championship match.

E. Divisions with 7 teams:  Three matches will be guaranteed, with teams being divided into two pools.  Each team shall play 2 games on Sat and 1 game on Sun.  Semi Final A:  1st A plays 2nd B and Semi Final B, 1st B plays 2nd A.  3 rd place pool winners play each other.  The winner of 3rd Place A and 3rd Place B will play the 4th place in Pool B.  Winners of the Semi advance to Championship Match.  Sunday play is determined by Saturdays final outcome. 

F. Divisions with 8 teams.  Three matches will be guaranteed.  Teams will be divided into two pools with each team playing 3 matches within its pool.  The winners of each pool will advance to the Championship Match.

G. Points will be given to each team at the end of each preliminary game.  Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss – no points for a shutout are included at this point.  The total points awarded at the end of each preliminary game do not include bonus points.  Total points awarded at the end of each game would determine Division or Pool Winners.  If a tie occurs, bonus points would come into the picture and all game points and bonus points would be looked at as a whole.  Bonus Point System to determine Division or Pool winners:  Bonus Points are as follows: In addition to regular game points, shutouts will be awarded 1 point, and 1 point awarded for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 goals).  For example, in the event of a 0-0 tie, 2 points would be awarded to both teams (1 point for the tie in regular game points and 1 point in bonus points.)  A maximum of 7 points can be awarded for a single game to determine Division or Pool Winners (this would include bonus points).   All ties will stand in the preliminary games.  Ties for 1st and 2nd place in Divisions or Pools will be broken according to the rules below.  Teams should not run up the score as bonus points for goals scored only count up to 3 goals scored. 

H. If necessary, the tie-breaking procedure to determine who advances to the Championship Match or the Champion and Finalist is as follows:
 1. Results of head-to-head competition.  This will not be used with more  than 2 teams tied.
 2.  Most bonus points  (Note:  Bonus Points are an accumulation of goals scored to a maximum of 3 points per game per goal and any points awarded for shutouts during preliminary games.  Does not include 3 points awarded for a win.) 
**Note:  Winning 3-0, 5-0 or 6-3 each would result in 3 bonus points.
 3.  Most shut outs. 
 4.  Fewest goals allowed in all games.
 5.  Most goals scored in all games (up to a maximum of 3 per game).
 6. If still tied, FIFA penalty kicks at a time and place set forth by the Tournament Director. 
 7.  In the event of a tie at the U8 level since there is no goalkeeper, the following will apply:  if a match is to determine who moves forward in a playoff or championship bracket, the 4 players on the field at the end of the game of each team will remain on the field and take alternate kicks (one team kicks and then the other team kicks) at the goal from the center mark (single shot only, no dribbling).   If at the end of the day a tie exists and to proceed to the 2nd day of play, a tie breaker needs to be done and the game has ended, 4 players will be selected and if after each team has taken 4 kicks and they are still tied, the next 4 selected players (these should be 4 different players) will take kicks on the same alternate rotation with the result being determined on a sudden death basis.   This means that the first team to miss after each kick has been taken in that round will be eliminated.    The 2 teams will see who goes first by way of a coin toss.  

I.   If more than 2 teams are tied, the tie-breaking procedure will be followed in order until all positions of placement order are determined.  No steps will be repeated during this tie breaking process.


A.  If a semi-final or championship match is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams will be given a 5-minute rest and then 2 overtime periods of equal length will be played in their ENTIRETY regardless of any score during the overtime periods.   (See B Below for equal definition.)

B.  The overtime periods will be 5 minutes each in semi-final matches, and 10 minutes each in championship matches, with teams exchanging ends for each period with a 1-minute interval between periods.

C.  Should the game remain in a tie at the end of overtime, FIFA penalty kicks will be conducted.


A.  A team which cannot field seven (7) players for U11 through U19 teams and four (4) players for U8 and six (6) players for U10 teams 10 minutes after the stated game time shall forfeit the match.  The team forfeiting the match shall be declared the loser by a score of 3-0.   No bonus points for shutout or goals would be given.  (Matches will begin at the slated game time and after 10 minutes if unable to field the minimum players, the match will be forfeited by the team with not enough players.)

B.  If there is no referee present within ten minutes of the scheduled start time, the match shall be rescheduled unless both teams agree to proceed.  If the match proceeds, the score shall stand as played.

C.  If there is only one referee present for a preliminary match at the scheduled start time, the referee present shall commence the match using volunteer linesmen.  Should the second referee arrive at the field, he shall enter the match at an appropriate break in play and volunteer linesmen shall be relieved of their duties.

D. A game scorecard will be used to record the results of each match.  Both teams must turn the completed score card in to the site coordinator within 30 minutes of game completion. 

E.  All game schedules are scheduled using military time.  Please insure that you are confident of the game time of your match.  Failure to show will result in a forfeit of your game.  1300 is a 1 p.m. match; 1400 is a 2:00 p.m. match; 1500 is a 3 p.m. match; 1600 is a 4 p.m. match, etc.


A.  The Mega Blast Tournament Director or designee reserves the right not to allow a game to be played in inclement weather if there is a possibility of injury to players or damage to the playing surface.  In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director has the authority to:
 1.  Relocate or reschedule any game.
 2. Change the duration of any game.  Preliminary games  terminated for weather after a half of play shall be considered  official.
 3. Cancel a match.
 4. Change division structure.

B.  In the event of inclement weather forcing play to be halted and preventing the match from being completed during the scheduled time, the score shall stand if at least one-half of the match has been completed.


A.  All decisions of the referee and the Tournament Committee are final.  There are no protests or appeals allowed.

B.  Each team must certify, by signature of the coach, assistant coach, or team manager, the results of each concluded game immediately following the game.  The site coordinator will ensure signatures are obtained.

C.  Neither the Tournament Committee, Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club (RKYSC), nor any of the tournament sponsors will be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team (including entry fees) or tournament participants if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part for any reason.

D. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament and its decision shall be final.

E.  During games, coaches and players shall remain on one side of the field (between the halfway line and the 18 yard line) and the spectators shall remain on the other side.  Coaches, players, and spectators will remain at least 2 yards from the touchline.

F.  The Mega Blast and Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club (RKYSC) are not responsible for the behavior of players, coaches, and spectators off the field or damages resulting from such behavior, nor are they responsible for any injuries which may occur to players, coaches, and spectators as a result of their participation in the tournament.   Coaches and players committing breaches of the law may be ejected from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

G.  Any player, coach, or spectator found in possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons shall be banned from the tournament and appropriate notifications made to the local law enforcement authorities. 

H.   Public restroom areas are available at each site and all tournament participants as well as spectators are asked to take advantage of those facilities so as not to offend any local residents.  Wooded areas are not to be used as restroom facilities.

I.  There will be individual trophies for division champions and finalist (1st and 2nd place).

J.   Any coach that head coaches more than 1 team MUST insure that an Assistant Coach must be available at all times to coach the 2nd team as conflicts due to the size and location sites of this tournament cannot be avoided  in game scheduling.


L.  All teams participating in the Mega Blast are only allowed to have 1 Head Coach and 1 Assistant Coach on the sidelines with the players at all times in all games.  All other coaches and persons must be on the spectator side.  This will be enforced. 

M.  No noise makers that resemble a whistle are allowed.  Any noise maker deemed in interference with the match of which the referee will determine, can be removed from the match and the tournament.  All referee decisions stand.    We ask that any noise maker be used with consideration of the other team and not to be used as a distraction during the match. 

N.  Prior to acceptance of a team, payment will be returned minus a $25 processing fee.  After teams have been accepted, there is no refund. 

O.  Region I has established the following policy concerning permission to travel when attending USYS sanctioned tournaments in Region I.  The purpose of this policy is to make it as simple as possible for the US Youth Soccer Region I teams to travel to tournaments within Region I.

Region 1 Policy Regarding Application To Host A Tournament:  Region I has established the following policy concerning permission to travel when attending USYS sanctioned tournaments in Region I.  The purpose of this policy is to make it as simple as possible for the US Youth Soccer Region I teams to travel to tournaments within Region I. The new policy states that any USYS State Association teams within Region I that is accepted into a tournament in Region I do not need permission to travel papers. Permission to Travel is not required in friendly games within Region 1.  Note is to be taken on the two (2) states that have an exception to this policy (Connecticut & New Jersey).

National State Associations in Region I:  Connecticut Jr Soccer Assn - Must provide Permission to Travel; Delaware Youth Soccer Assn; Eastern New York Youth Soccer Assn; Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Assn; Soccer Maine;  Maryland Youth Soccer Assn; Massachusetts Youth Soccer Assn; New Hampshire Soccer Assn; *New Jersey Youth Soccer Assn – Must provide Permission to Travel; New York State West Youth Soccer Assn;  Pennsylvania West State Soccer Assn; Soccer Rhode Island; Vermont Soccer Assn; Virginia Youth Soccer Assn;  West Virginia Soccer Assn.

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