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In-School Enrichment and Open Programs (3-5 years)
1. Movement and Motor Skills – agility, balance, coordination; Running (sideways, backwards, shuffle)
2. Dribbling – both feet; different parts of foot at different speeds.
3. Trapping – bringing ball to a stop.
4. Sole Rolling – rolling ball in different directions with the bottom of foot (“Crazy Leg”).
5. Taps – alternating feet on top of ball (“Soccer Dance”).
6. Foundation – small passes of ball between feet (“Penguin Walk”)
7. Juggling – bring ball to different parts of the body (“Soccer March”)
8. Shooting and passing the ball with both feet.
9. Teamwork and good sportsmanship.
10. The fundamental rules of the game

Parent/Child Interactive Classes (2 year-olds)
These Sessions utilize the assistance of the parents to instruct the same skills learned in the Open/In-School Programs (see above) while highlighting Listening, Motor and Social Skills as well as Body Awareness.

The Life Skills that are taught add to our thorough Little Kicks Curriculum. The experienced and energetic instructors use our proven curriculum to teach basic soccer techniques as well as coordination, confidence and character.

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